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About Our Plan

Don't have insurance? No worries. We've got it covered! You can now join our savings membership plan for a year at just $191. If you’re looking to cover your whole family, our family rate covers up to 4 immediate family members at only $295.

If saving money for dental services is what you’re looking for, consider our Savings Membership Plan. Just take a look at the savings you can make with it!

Dental Services
Your Cost
Average Cost
Your Savings
Comprehensive Oral Exam (D0150)
No Cost
Panoramic X-Ray (D0330)
No Cost
BitewingX-Rays (4) (D0274)
No Cost
Regular Cleaning (D1110)
No Cost
Fluoride (D1206)
No Cost
Periodic Exam (D0120)
No Cost
Tooth colored filling 1 surface (D2391)
Tooth colored Crown (D2740)
Molar Root Canal (D3330)

Your total savings would be about $1,386!

So, to make use of its benefits, all you have to do is use it once, and it will pay for the entire year! If you refer a friend, you can receive $25.

Call us at (813) 445-7162 and get enrolled today.


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