Tri-Angle Tongue™ Cleaner

Tri-Angle Tongue™️ Cleaner is a specially designed tongue cleaner that helps in effectively removing germs and food debris that cause bad breath. The flexibility of this tool allows its cleaning edge to easily reach the back and the concave center of the tongue without causing any gagging, like other tongue cleaners. It is made from safe and effective FDA-quality grade biocompatible plastic and is known for its effective scraping edge that results in a maximum banishing of bad breath and bacteria.

Tri-Angle Advantage:

  • 24 degree, anatomically shaped tool that enables easy reach further back in the mouth.
  • 74 degree, which allows maximum debris removal without causing any gag reflex.
  • 1.46”, enabling comfortable fit in every mouth.
  • Dramatically extends the fresh breath.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle.
  • Open sleek design for easy cleaning.

Usage Directions:

Use the Tri-Angle Tongue™️ Cleaner as part of your regular oral hygiene routine to cleanse the tongue and effectively remove odor-causing bacteria and food debris. After brushing and rinsing, place the Tri-Angle cleaner at the back of your tongue, gently press and pull forward with a skimming motion. Repeat this procedure several times. Rinse well with tap water to clean. Brush, floss, and rinse with Dr.Nick’s White & Healthy products for maximum results. For best performance, replace your Tri-Angle every three months.


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