Hygiene in Tampa, FL

Hygiene in Tampa, FL


Oral hygiene includes a cleaning process undertaken to clean the teeth and reduce gum inflammation comprehensively. These teeth cleaning procedures help stop the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease. At Dr. Nick's White & Healthy Dentistry in Tampa, Florida, we perform regular prophylaxis or regular cleanings to maintain your teeth and gums in perfect condition.

Why Is Oral Hygiene Important?

Regular dental visits play a vital role in maintaining your oral health. They not only help discover problems with teeth or gums but also assess the general condition of your oral health. Additionally, they identify potential trouble spots and offer solutions for preventive care. In between visits, the ideal way to keep your teeth clean and disease-free, your gums hale and healthy, and your breath fresh, is a daily regime of oral hygiene.

Benefits of Oral Hygiene and Cleanings

  • Tartar Removal 

Plaque and tartar accumulations can cause severe periodontal problems if not treated on time. It can be pretty challenging to remove debris, bacteria, and deposits from gum pockets, even with proper oral care. The tartar and plaque buildup can be cleaned with regular cleanings.

  • Aesthetics 

If you consume colorful foods and drinks, your teeth will develop stains and become discolored. A teeth cleaning can help eliminate the unappealing stains and return your smile to its former brilliance.

  • Fresher Breath 

Persistent bad breath is a symptom of periodontal disease. Foul breath is generally caused by chronic bacteria deposits, stuck food debris, or periodontal infection below the gum line. The removal of plaque, calculus, and bacteria markedly improves breath and eases irritation.

  • Detection of Oral Health Issues 

As teeth cleanings include a meticulous examination of the entire oral cavity, we will screen for oral cancer, assess the risk of periodontitis, and detect symptoms of medical problems like diabetes and kidney problems. 

What Does a Teeth Cleaning Involve?

Regular cleanings is usually performed during your routine exams and is carried out in several phases:

  • Supragingival Cleaning 

The hygienist will comprehensively clean the area above the gum line with scaling tools to rid them of plaque and calculus.

  • Subgingival Cleaning 

This is the most critical step for patients with periodontal disease as the hygienist will remove tartar from the gum pockets and beneath the gum line.

  • Root Planing 

The root planning process is the smoothing of the tooth root to eliminate any remaining bacteria. These harmful bacteria are hazardous to patients suffering from periodontitis. 

Teeth Cleaning is recommended once every six months as a preventative measure. And while gum disease cannot be cured in its late stages, cleaning is one of the techniques we use to treat its symptoms and keep it from getting worse.

If you have queries or concerns about oral hygiene, visit us at Dr. Nick's White & Healthy Dentistry, at 4010 W. State Street, Tampa, FL 33609, or call us at (813) 445-7162 and schedule an appointment.


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