Preventative Services in Tampa, FL

Preventative Services in Tampa, FL


Preventative dentistry is the field of dentistry focused on keeping your mouth, gums, and teeth healthy. It also prevents the progression of future dental issues that can be painful, inconvenient, and expensive to treat. Practicing good preventative dentistry is a team effort between you and your dentist. At Dr. Nick's White & Healthy Dentistry, we will work with you to make your smile healthy and vibrant.

Why Is Preventative Dentistry Important?

Taking special care of your oral health will help prevent cavity development, gum disease, enamel wear, and other dental problems. Good oral hygiene practices will decrease the possibility of avoiding these common dental issues. Brushing and flossing, teeth cleanings, and keeping up with your regular dental appointments will go a long way in maintaining your oral health.  

Preventative Services at Our Office

  • Hygiene
Dental cleanings are a significant part of preventative dentistry. These cleanings should be undertaken at least twice a year to ensure your mouth remains as clean and healthy as possible. Preventive teeth cleanings include a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums, removal of tartar, and a comprehensive exam to make sure there are no signs of decay or gingivitis. Scaling and root planing is the process of removing the plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth's surface and smoothening them out to remove the surface imperfections.
  • Dental Sealants
One of the challenging areas to keep clean is the top surfaces of your chewing teeth. The uneven surface is full of hollows and crevices that encourage the accumulation of food and bacteria. The trapped bacteria and food debris can cause tooth decay. Dental sealants help to prevent decay on chewing surfaces by coating the hollows with a protective layer. Not only do dental sealants lower your risk of tooth decay by keeping bacteria from coming into contact with your tooth, but they also make it easier for you to clean your teeth by providing you with a flatter surface to brush. This is especially beneficial for children whose brushing skills are not as developed yet. 

  • Nightguard Therapy
Nightguards are tiny pieces of plastic that are created to fit comfortably around your teeth. They are fabricated out of clear transparent plastic and will not be obvious when worn by a person. A nightguard will act as a barrier between your teeth and ensure its protection from the damaging effects of teeth grinding.

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